09 May

Our story begins in a small village on the west coast of Scotland called Turnberry. In this village stood Turnberry Castle, home to the Countess of Carrick, Marjorie. Marjorie’s first husband, Adam of Kilconquhar, died during the Eighth Crusade in 1271. Robert de Brus, 6th Lord of Annandale fought along side Adam during the Crusade and was now tasked with delivering the tragic news to Marjorie. Legend has it that upon seeing Robert de Brus and hearing of his news Marjorie decided she would keep Robert captive until he agreed to marry her that same year. Robert and Marjorie went on to have eleven children. 

On the 11th July 1274, as the sun shone across the Scottish countryside and the waves crashed against Turnberry Castle, Robert the Bruce was born. Robert was the the third child of Robert de Brus and Marjorie, Countess of Carrick, but he was also their first born son. Robert the Bruce led a very full and fascinating life in the 54 years before he died in 1329. Some parts of his life are well known like his victory at the Battle of Bannockburn, others not so well known like his love for eating eels, despite his physician warning him against it. 

Robert the Bruce’s story is a long and spellbinding one, filled with victory and failures, love and death, courage and determination and even a strong willed little spider. His life is definitely one to be explored and celebrated, that’s why this year we will be celebrating the 750th anniversary of Robert the Bruce’s birth, right here in North Carrick!

We are delighted to be joined by the wonderful crew from History Matters ltd, to help us bring the story of Robert the Bruce to life. Join us for a day of thrilling jousting, captivating history demonstrations, and fun activities for all ages while you learn about Robert the Bruce’s life as well as the incredible history that North Carrick has to offer. 

Take pleasure in hearing the unique and innovative twist to traditional Scottish music by Clan An Drumma, one of Scotland’s best tribal bands. Enjoy strolling along our craft fair admiring the beautiful and quirky products the local businesses and crafters have to offer. 

Try your hand at archery with the Ayr Archery club and Axe throwing with Adventure Carrick and see if your aim would be good enough for battle. Immerse yourself in Scotland's rich heritage and pay homage to one of its greatest heroes. 

Don't miss this unforgettable tribute to Robert the Bruce!