28 May

We debuted our custom written play at our Brucie Burns Supper back in January and it was a big hit! Everyone enjoyed the comical storytelling of what could happen if Robert the Bruce and Robert Burns were to meet in person. 

So we decided to take our play from the stage to the screen! In March we turned the North Carrick Community Benefit Company headquarters into our very own personal film studio. Using the main office as our set and the meeting room as our production area we got to work filming and directing Rabbie & the Bruce. 

We had the pleasure of having one of the writers, Toria Cassidy, with us on the day to direct. Our amazing actors were the one and only Stephen Kerr and John McQuiston who played the original Burns and Bruce in our playlet at our Brucie Burns Supper. 

Rabbie and the Bruce takes place in Stewart and Claire’s laboratory where they are testing their new invention. Their goal with this amazing technology? To bring historical figures from the past to the present day! But why, you may ask? Well, it is widely known that many historical facts are fabricated due to the lack of evidence as stories are shared over hundreds of years. So why not ask the historical figure themselves and get the truth straight from the source? Who better to hear from first than the most famous Robert in Scotland, the one, the only Robert ...the Bruce? Burns? 

Oh, this isn’t good. a bit of miscommunication between Stewart and Claire has led to both Bruce and Burns being brought to the present. Easy mistake to make, right? But how will the two react to one another? Make sure you keep an eye out on our social media for the premier of Rabbie & the Bruce so you don’t miss this hilarious and captivating encounter between two of Scotland’s greatest historical figures.

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